World Water Day

Vatakara, 22 March 2013

The students of Amrita Vidyalayam, Vatakara joined hands together to commemorate the International Year Of Water Cooperation 2013 or the world water day by raising awareness among the students through animated movies focusing on water conservation. Students made a ‘Drop’ shaped formation to emphasize the need of the hour- “SAVE THE DROP”.

Emulating our Chancellor’s love for nature and heeding Her advice they took an oath to adopt three simple and practical ideas in their day to day lives, namely:

1.         I will turn off the tap while brushing my teeth

2.         I will be compassionate to the future citizens, by taking bath once a day

3.         I will turn off the tap when not in use.

As a mark to reduce the ‘WATER FOOTPRINT’ the students gave their thumb impressions on a ‘Drop’ shaped cutout. This event has been registered under the UNITED NATIONS INTERNATIONAL WATER DAY EVENTS 2013.

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